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Laura M

I love this calendar but for some reason when I download it some of the months the number part of the calendar is black. Any idea what is wrong?

Wolf and Willow

Hi laura! Oh, it's part of the font :) I think it's meant to look like it's been typed on a vintage typewriter ;) Hope you enjoy the calendars!


i don't think she means like, the middle of the 8 is dark. she means, the background behind the numbers is completely black, instead of white. mine is doing it also.

Aninha Cavallari

Lindos ,obrigada .


When I downloaded it the back was black as well!


Some of the months were all black on mine as well. These are great and I would love to use them, any fix for this?


I had the same problem too when I opened it in Preview on my mac. But when I opened the same file in Adobe Acrobat, the black problem went away! Hope that helps someone out there :) Thanks for the generous freebie, love it and off to print!

Wolf and Willow

Hi ladies! I'm so sorry about the problems with the pdf file - would somebody kindly email me at [email protected] with a screengrab of the black background so that I can troubleshoot?

It seems to be working fine for most people - I've had a few of my friends print them out just fine...? I'll try to fix the file and let you know as soon as I've re-uploaded it!

Thanks so much for your patience, and sorry again for the technical glitch! Will have it fixed for you in a jiffy! xx


All fixed ladies! The download link has been updated with the new file - shouldn't be any problems now :) Thanks for your patience!


Hiya. That is cool but it looks like maybe there is a problem with page 5 now. It looks completely blank but I haven't tried printing it out to check.


Hi there,

I love the calendar but I noticed that the dates are wrong, looks like the file is still showing 2012's dates.

Hope it gets fixed so I can print and use them!



The dates on here are incorrect :( Realized after I printed it

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